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This is not just a game

Are you planning a thrilling challenge with friends? Or a teambuilding event for you and your colleagues? Look no further! As many others, you have probably wondered how it would be to play a computer game in real life. You wouldn't have come here otherwise, right? Well, our escape games offer this opportunity!
You willingly agree to let yourself be locked up in a room, only for you to try to escape again. By solving puzzles and collecting items, you will find your way to freedom. But you only have one hour. The adrenaline rushes through your veins. Do you have what it takes?


The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb belongs to the most important pieces in the Belgian history of art. However, the beauty of this masterpiece has been overshadowed by one of the greatest art thefts of our country. Two years after its completion, two panels were stolen. More than 75 years later, still one panel is missing. A. Goedertier, an exchange broker, confessed the crime during his final moments but he never had the chance to tell where he had hidden the Just Judges.
Up till now, multiple attempts have been made to discover its location. But the clues, hidden in some letters, seem incomprehensible. Can you solve the mystery and retrieve what has been lost for decades?

Other games

Find the Altarpiece is only one of our games in Ghent. If you are thirsty for more excitement, you can always try our other games. The challenge differs per game, so choose wisely!